A Pavement Scooter Can Expand your Travelling Horizons

If you or anyone you know has trouble moving unaided from place to place, a pavement scooter just might be the answer to greater mobility. Whether you are elderly, dealing with a debilitating disease or even recovering from an accident, mobility is the key to maintaining independence and self-confidence. While there are wheelchairs and other scooters available, a model suitable for pavement is essential if you want to be able to rely on a method of transportation, especially in your own neighborhood area.

Primary Advantages of a Pavement Scooter

Freedom, of course, is the primary advantage of scooters. There is no need to be trapped in your own home when assistive devices like a scooter can get you where you want to go without having to rely on others. Independence is another major benefit, particularly when you want to do things for yourself without feeling indebted to someone else. You might have other people in your life happy to help but knowing that you can go out when you want to do so is a priceless feeling.

The pavement scooter also adds a level of convenience to your mobility. Before, visiting friends, your local shops and even enjoying the local parks might have been too difficult to overcome. However, being ambulatory offers a level of ease and exceptional manoeuvrability. Self-confidence stays high and you can even use this type of scooter within food and department store and even inside the home.

Other Benefits of Mobility Scooter Made for the Pavement

Functionality and easy manipulation of the controls makes the pavement scooter a wise choice for anyone that desires a greater level of mobility. This type of scooter moves at a top speed of four miles per hour and can typically travel up to twenty miles on a single charge of the battery. This type of scooter is not made for the roads so it does not have to be registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) nor do you need a tax disc.

Many models of this scooter come with different accessories such as covers and baskets to hold some items during your daily travels. The scooters are also quite affordable and require little maintenance. Another plus is the comfort of these scooters. The seats are plush and contour with the body.

Why feel segregated and homebound when a pavement scooter can truly make a difference, not only in your confidence but also your mobility? Look to Discount Mobility for help in choosing the right model for your lifestyle.

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