Accessorising Your Mobility Scooter

When people purchase mobility scooters, they usually find they are generally pretty basic. Unless you can afford to pay for a deluxe model, you get the no-frills and even boring version. The bikes a manufacturer is intent on producing are functional, practical and safety conscious. They are not intended to make a statement.

Yet, this is not a problem. In fact, if you start out with the basics, you can personalise it as you go along. The other mobility scooters on the block will have nothing on your hot wheels. The accessories can range from simple cup holders to tote bags and flags.

Cup Holders
Most cars have cup holders. They exist for people to put in their cups of tea, bottles of water and cans of pop. There is no reason why mobility scooters cannot have one. They are inexpensive and readily available. Adding one to your wheels means you can share coffee or tea with friends.

Backpacks, Tote Bags and Baskets
Whether you are heading off to the library or going shopping, you need something to carry anything and everything you purchase. A scooter tote bag attached to the front or back is the perfect solution. It may come in the form of a backpack or resemble a basket. Colours can vary to suit your personality.

In many cases, the scooter already has a metal basket. If you have had the scooter for a while, it may be worn out. It could also simply lack any sense of style. Some of these baskets are just simply unattractive. You can change this by purchasing a new one or covering it with a tasteful and fashionably coloured liner.

Backpacks, tote bags and baskets are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes. You can find one perfect for your needs and tastes. You can stash away your cell phone safely or stow away your groceries without problems when you add these devices to old or new mobility scooters.

Waving the Flag
Do you want to brighten up your mobility scooter but do not want to paint it? One way to do so is to purchase flags. Flags add colour to mobility scooters. They also increase visibility. It is easier to see a scooter coming if a tall flag is attached to its rear. These safety flags are perfect for identifying the presence of a mobility scooter.

The flags can vary according to the taste of the individual. As a result, a flag:
• Is a safety device, increasing visibility on sidewalks, on the road, in parking lots and when crossing
• Adds a flash of colour which also helps with visibility but is also indicative of individuality
• Personalises the scooter making it truly a reflection of its owner
Mobility scooters serve a purpose. It does not mean, however, they have to be mundane in appearance. You can personalise your scooter through accessories. In doing so, you make them safer, more user friendly and an expression of your character.

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