All you need to know about Mobility Scooters.

There are around 330,000 users in the UK for whom mobility scooters provide a lifeline to the outside world giving them their freedom and independence. With models ranging from the 4mph class 2 up to the 8mph class 3, these machines can be difficult to manoeuvre and so accidents do happen.
Here is a list of things you need to know when using a mobility scooter on the road.
Mobility Scooters that can be used on the road are known as a Class 3 ‘invalid carriage’.
• On the road scooters can travel at a maximum speed of 8mph.
• If used on footpaths, the maximum speed is 4mph.
• A class 3 vehicle must be registered with the DVLA.
• For a class 3 vehicle you need to have a tax disc, but this is free of charge.
• You have to be at least 14 years old to drive a Class 3 mobility scooter.
• If you are using the road, follow the rules that other road users follow. This means road signs and traffic lights. Use your mobility scooter’s lights, indicators, and horn.
• Take other road users and pedestrians into account.
• Never drive your mobility scooter on the motorway.
• Insurance is not required for mobility scooters, but it is recommended.
• You do not need to pass a driving test to use a mobility scooter on the road or pavement.
• Keep your scooter roadworthy and well maintained.
• If you have a Class 3 mobility scooter, use the pavement if possible.
• If you are using the pavement, follow the rules that other pedestrians follow (or should follow).
• Pedestrians have priority. Remember not all pedestrians will see you. People with a sight or hearing impairment or other elderly or disabled people might not be aware you are there, and they may not move out of your way.

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