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Buying a new road mobility scooter

Do you need help with buying road mobility scooters? At Discount Mobility, we can cater for you no matter what your needs are thanks to our exceptional, diverse range of first-class mobility scooters. We offer a vast amount of 6-8mph road mobility scooters, so why not get in touch with us today if you need to travel long distances or require something that will be suitable for rugged surfaces? We can discuss your needs and requirements in depth so you can easily identify the right scooter for your needs.

Kymco Road Mobility Scooter

The Kymco Super 8 Road Mobility Scooter is a very compact 8 mph road mobility scooter

6-8mph scooters can be driven on roads as long as they have indicators, headlights, rear view mirrors, brakes, horns and rear reflectors. They are known as Class 3 Road Mobility Scooters. These scooters are usually larger than 4mph scooters. You can travel over longer distances with these scooters and go over more challenging ground. They are slightly more difficult to manoeuvre in tight spaces but could give you the freedom and independence you need to travel further afield.

The Roma Shoprider Perrero scooters are amongst the most popular vehicles in our catalogue. It is ideal for anyone seeking a compact road mobility scooter and various features. It can reach speeds of 6mph and can go through most standard shop doorways easily. It has a height-adjustable captain’s seat which slides backwards and forwards, enabling you to enjoy maximum legroom and the best seating position possible. You can get on and off the scooter with ease thanks to the seat’s swivelling function. As always, if you have any queries about this vehicle, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Also popular is the Pride Mobility Colt Deluxe 6mph mobility scooter. This mid-range scooter sits harmoniously between our exceptional range of Pride 4 scooters and the more powerful 8mph scooters in our catalogue. You can travel for up to 20mph on a single charge on this scooter, which shares many of the features found with bigger scooters whilst offering compact dimensions. The scooter can be dismantled with ease, whilst a smooth and comfortable journey is always possible thanks to the suspension and fully-adjustable captain’s seat.

Remember, all our road mobility scooters come with batteries and a charger alongside free delivery and a 12 month parts and labour warranty and three months of free insurance. At Discount Mobility, we’re passionate about providing our valued customers with first-class mobility aid products. We offer some of the best prices on the market and welcome you to get in touch whenever you have any questions about the products in our catalogue, whether you’re looking for a mobility scooter, rise and recline chair, practical walking aid or wheelchair. Why wait any longer to drop us a line today to learn more about the products on offer at Discount Mobility?