Disabled holidays – Make a difference

Are you planning to give a surprise gift of a holiday package to someone in your family? You have thought of a great idea that they are going to remember for a long time. Most disabled persons lead a life confined to their home and office and never think of holiday trip due to their physical condition. However, it hardly means that they don’t wish to get away from their daily monotony and have an awesome holiday by the seaside or countryside.

While arranging for disabled holidays you need to remember that the facilities for travel and accommodation have to be a little different and a bit more. You cannot just blindly book their tickets and hotel room without thinking. In fact, you need to do some research before you set out to do it. Here are a few tips that might help you in that.

  • Make all the plans before you start out. Of course, it needn’t be a strict plan that stifles the person. At the same time it has to be a well-thought out plan that ensures that the disabled person comes across no inconveniences or hardships due the disability he or she has.
  • Find out which place would be suitable for the person. You could find out from him or her what kind of place they would like to go such as a tropical island with sunny beaches, a quiet countryside, cool mountain ranges, etc. You can actually get advice from the person’s doctor as to which place would be suitable for their health.
  • Once you decide on the place do some extensive research on these places and find out the different facilities available for disabled holidays. With the Internet at your fingertips, this is an easy job now. Check out the flight arrangements provided for the disabled and the facilities at the hotel. You can also check whether the activities that the place provides like sightseeing or other entertainment can be easily carried out by the person.
  • For a disabled on holidays there are several concerns like food, medicine, toilet, etc. that the person might not easily discuss with anyone. As the person who is arranging the holidays, it is important that you think of all these and get the necessary details from the patient directly or from the caretaker. And when you make your calls to make the arrangements do remember to tell the hotel representative about the conditions so that they are ready.

When you are arranging for disabled holidays, you might have to consider a lot of factors that you needn’t bother if you are arranging an ordinary vacation. However, you’ll see that the happiness that you give to the person would be just worth all the trouble you take and all the money you spend.

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