Luxury Road Mobility Scooters

Going far with a scooter – the best features of road mobility scooters

Many mobility scooters are only powerful enough to help you travel to the local newsagents and back before they need another recharging. You don’t need to be confined to the same old stretch of pavement when travelling on a mobility scooter, with a travel mobility scooter you can travel for miles on a single charge, tackle the roughest terrain and help you get your errands done in no time at all.
These kinds of scooters and all of their added extra features are a lot more affordable than you might think. Discount Mobility offers a range of affordable vehicles with many practical features that make them ideal for all of your travelling needs. Here are just a few things their scooters can provide.

Long battery life

This is what ties down scooter drivers the most. Many people have to rely on taking public transportation to get somewhere instead of using their scooter because there’s simply not enough charge to get them there and back.
Don’t let yourself get stranded in a random street somewhere. With a road or a travel mobility scooter, you can have a battery life that lets you travel up to 35 miles before requiring another charge.

Anti-tip technology

Going up steep inclinations can be tricky on a mobility scooter and potentially hazardous. Having your mobility scooter tip you out backwards could lead to severe injury, which is why you have to be on the look-out for models that incorporate anti-tip technology.
Several mobility scooters available from Discount Mobility feature back wheels that will lock into place and prevent tipping even when climbing very steep inclinations.

Luxurious comfort

If you spend a lot of time on mobility scooters during the day, then it’s important to use a model that’s going to feel comfortable all day long. The chair you use should have complete back support and not just lower. Users should be able to feel like they comfortably lean back while they drive.
Luxury mobility scooters available from Discount Mobility come fully equipped with tall backrests, as well as head and arm rests to let users fully relax.
On top of being comfy, the scooters are also long-lasting. The seats are also plush and upholstered with leather for added comfort and durability.

Make your daily routine quick and effortless with the right mobility scooter. Don’t just chug along on an inferior model that’s going to keep you feeling trapped.
Check out the range of Luxury Mobility Scooters available at Discount Mobility to help you go further without spending a fortune.

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