Mobility Scooters

Discount Mobility is proud to stock the widest range of Mobility Scooters on the web. We sell everything from brand new discounted mobility scooters, to a whole host of other mobility appliances to assist the disabled.
Everything we stock is sold for the most competitive price possible, and we offer an instant finance option on all of our products – because everyone serves to maintain their independence, no matter their financial situation.
There are as many types of mobility scooter as there are reasons for having to use one.
You may find yourself in need of a mobility scooter for a multitude of reasons. It could be a lack of mobility related to age, chronic pain, another illness or ailment that causes lack of mobility, or issues with your weight. Whatever the problem is, there’ll be a style of scooter that suits you best.
The type of scooter you purchase also depends on your needs and preferences. These could be anything from if you plan to use your mobility scooter on a road or pavement, how much space you have to store your mobility scooter, and how often or how long you plan to use your scooter for.
One of the things that people tend to miss most if their mobility lessens is enjoying the great outdoors. Some Mobility Scooters are created specifically to tailor to these needs; pavement mobility scooters, road legal mobility scooters, and 4X4 mobility scooters. All of these options allow you to travel outdoors safely and securely, without the hassle of asking for assistance or using a walker or wheelchair.
Also available are luxury mobility scooters. Priced slightly higher than other mobility scooters, luxury scooters come with features such as headlights, specially-made handlebars, or baskets – all intended to make using a scooter a much more pleasurable and comfortable experience for someone who must use their scooter frequently or for long periods of time.

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