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Buying a Bath lift – How It Works

Whether you or someone you know is elderly or disabled and has not been able to take a bath in a long time, consider buying a bathlift. Injuries and ailments sometimes can be greatly alleviated with a good, hot soak in a tub but without physical assistance, it can be tough. The alternatives of taking a shower using a bench or getting a sponge bath are not always appealing. Sometimes, having a device that can help you bathe can be freeing. Purchasing a bathlift can give people back their freedom.

How It Works

A bath lift is a fairly simple device. The mechanism design basically lowers your body from a seated position on the side of the tub to just an inch or two off the tub floor’s surface. The seat starts at the height of the tub lip for easy sliding from a wheelchair or even assistance from a bath step. The base of the bath lift rests on the tub floor, typically with suction feet, which is the reason why your body does not go all the way to the bottom of the tub.

Understanding the mechanics will help when buying a bathlift. When you position yourself onto the chair part, you simply push a button to activate the lifting device which will lower you into the tub. Most of these controlling mechanisms have built-in protection so that the bath lift will not operate unless there is enough charge in the battery to not only lower you into the tub but also lift you back out. It could be all too easy to become trapped if there was not a protective measure in place.

Once you have completed the bath, the only thing do to is press the button to activate the lifting mechanism. Back in the starting position at the edge of the tub, you can then move your legs over the top of the tub to stand up or scoot them over to slide into a wheelchair.

A Few Thoughts to Ponder

Is buying a bathlift right for you? Well, if you can stand and sit in a chair at the dining room table, you should be able to manage the bath lift. On a side note – while maintaining your independence and autonomy is important, consider installing a phone in your bathroom or carry a cordless model with you when bathing and place within easy reach. Easy accessibility to help is just a phone call away should it be necessary.

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