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A Bariatric Store – Helping to Improve Lives

People who are obese suffer from a variety of medical and physical problems. Daily, they face challenges relating to their weight. They have problems getting from place-to-place. They have difficulties managing the basics of life including bathing or showering. A bariatric store can help ease this burden for both the obese individual and the care giver. Here, it is possible to find exactly what equipment is needed to help do more than cope with life.

What is Bariatric Equipment?

Bariatric equipment is easily defined. It is any form of device that is designed to help larger or obese individuals in their lives. The word “bariatric” refers specifically to the medical condition. “Baros” means weight while “iatrics” refers to medical treatment. Therefore, bariatric equipment or supplies are medical devices that help people with weight issues.

This equipment differentiates itself clearly from similar products designed for frail and ill clients or those recently recovering from surgery. Bariatric tools are carefully fashioned to hold the weight and girth of larger individuals. They feature wider widths and reinforced supports. Whatever the item, it is meant to withstand the weight of a hefty and/or obese person. They are stronger, sturdier and larger than their “normal” counterpart. They are beneficial for both the large person and the care giver – preventing injuries.

Common Equipment in a Bariatric Store

In a typical online or physical bariatric store, you can find practically everything required to make life simpler and easier to negotiate. They include:

  • Bariatric Chairs and Lifts: these come in different designs with features such as tilting, extra comfortable seats, portability or fixed
  • Bedroom Equipment: This includes beds, mattresses, transfer boards, hoists and slings and lifters
  • Bath & Shower Aids: This covers a wide variety of equipment to help shower, bath and attend to other business. The list would include:  bath transfers, bath chairs, bath and shower benches, mobile showers, commode chairs, grab or grip bars and bathroom handles.
  • Mobility Aids – Products such as: bariatric rollators, wheelchairs (electric and manual) and various walking aids. Electric mobility scooters are also another option for those with weight issues who want to get about inside and out.

Where can you find Bariatric Equipment?

There are a number of sources for bariatric equipment. A specialised bariatric store is one source for the various products. Some actually carry food and other products in addition to specific equipment. Another excellent source of information and gear is an online retail outlet. A specialised online bariatric store is an excellent way to discover what is out there to help you meet your needs or the needs of a care giver.