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Buying From Ebay V’s Trusted Mobility Websites.

Is Buying on Ebay Safe. You Should Read This Information If You Are Considering Buying Mobility Equipment From A Seller On Ebay.

Ebay, is the biggest (and one of the oldest) online auction sites has grown really big in the last several years, and because of that, it may be a little riskier to shop at. Some will try to use eBay for selling all kinds of stuff, even masked in a form of some popular Mobility Scooter and mobility product.
You might even end up with counterfeit branded mobility scooter, wheelchair or mobility equipment instead of the real thing. When you try to contact the seller, he doesn’t reply and basically, you lose your money. Here are some tips to prevent these scenarios from happening.

Take Care, Don’t Accept Stock Photos.
First off, answer this question: do you really need to buy that thing on Ebay?  Sure, a wheelchair cushion costing £3 is fine, but do you really want to buy a £1000 mobility scooter on eBay? Wouldn’t you feel more secure if you pay a bit more to get a brand new, guaranteed mobility scooter on a reputable UK website? Remember, It’s your money so take good care of it.
Once you get to the product you want to buy, there are some things on the actual listing which you should examine. Find the information regarding shipping and return policy. Once you know the item can be delivered to your country, move on and take a look at the item itself. If you need any more photos of it, feel free to contact the seller. Don’t accept stock photos of the item; ask the seller if he can stand by the scooter to show it is genuine item.

Use Common Sense.
Using Common sense is a great factor with any online auction. A new SLR Digital Camera for only £50? Or a new Apple’s iPad for £100?  Don’t you think that these offers are too good to be true? Well, in 99.9% of cases – they are. Don’t even consider those. Find a product with a normal, average price, proof it is new with full manufacturer’s warranty and located in the UK, Beware of the surge in rebadged counterfeit Mobility Scooters
imported from China!
Now, before you buy an item, it’s time to get know the seller. Check out his profile page and his feedback the previous buyers had left. If it’s above 99.5%, you’re good, since you should avoid anything below that mark. Yep, this feedback percentage is taken really seriously and it’s probably the most important indicator of how honest the seller is.

The last resort
You’re now ready to make your purchase – just one more thing – your delivery address. Some sellers will ship the item to the address listed in your PayPal profile, so make sure they’re all set up properly.
If you’re unsure about anything or if something seems suspicious to you, I’d recommend that you take extra caution or ask someone more experienced to give you some advice. Don’t agree to anything beyond eBay’s terms like giving the money in some other way than PayPal or buying an item directly from the seller etc.

Caveat Emptor or [Latin, Let the buyer beware.] A warning that notifies a buyer that the goods he or she is buying are “as is,” or subject to all defects.
When a sale is subject to this warning the purchaser assumes the risk that the product might be either defective or unsuitable to his or her needs. This rule is not designed to shield sellers who engage in Fraud or bad faith dealing by making false or misleading representations about the quality or condition of a particular product. It merely summarizes the concept that a purchaser must examine, judge, and test a product considered for purchase himself or herself.
Our advice is to consider your options before buying a Mobility Scooter, wheelchair or mobility equipment and remain safe and assured by purchasing from a reputable online mobility store like Discount Mobility Scooter.