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Can a smart insulin patch mean no more diabetic injections?

“A ‘smart’ insulin patch could replace painful injections to help millions of people with diabetes keep their blood sugar levels in check,” the Daily Mirror reports; though the technology has only been tested on mice.
Insulin is a hormone that plays a vital role in regulating blood glucose levels. People with type 1 diabetes, as well as advanced type 2 diabetes, require regular insulin injections, as their body either doesn’t produce enough insulin or reacts to it in the wrong way.
Researchers have developed a new type of glucose-sensing patch, which is worn on the skin and delivers insulin in response to sensing high levels of glucose.
The study showed that the patch was capable of reducing blood glucose levels to normal in mice with chemically induced diabetes over about four hours.
This research is at an early stage, so we therefore don’t know if it will be both safe and effective in humans. Before any human testing can occur, researchers will need to study the longer-term effects on animals. Researchers will also need to work out whether they can deliver enough insulin to regulate blood glucose levels in humans, and how often the patches need to be changed.
All in all, we wouldn’t expect to see these patches at your local chemist in the near future.




Going Mobile – Electric Mobility Scooters

Electric Wheelchairs

When it comes to being old, infirm, disabled and/or bariatric, it may be hard to get around. While canes, walkers and wheelchairs can help, they do not give you the sense of freedom of another mobility device. They are not transformers electric mobility scooters are perceived to be.

What are Electric Mobility Scooters?

An electric mobility scooter is a vehicle powered by a battery. It may have three four or five wheels. It also features a space to place the feet, front handlebars to steer potentially one to three wheels. It may have a swivel seat as well as a compartment or basket to carry packages and gear.

Mobility scooters are intended for one purpose. They are to help those individuals who have trouble walking. As a result, you can purchase one of three types of mobility scooters based on use:

  • For indoor use
  • For outdoor use
  • For indoor-outdoor use

Why Mobility Scooters?

Traditionally, individuals with mobility issues relied on walkers and/or wheel chairs to get around. The introduction of electric mobility scooters has changes this. The availability of this type of easily manoeuvred and operated form of transportation has become increasingly popular and an alternative for wheelchairs for several reasons.

  • Scooters are easily operated by those who have weakened or little upper body strength or arm/shoulder stamina. This is necessary, together with flexibility, to operate a manual wheelchair
  • Ease of use for those who suffer from a variety of conditions that affect the upper or even the entire body
  • The chair swivels and is more convenient than using foot supports
  • Models can handle a large amount of weight making it ideal for those with bariatric conditions
  • Less expensive than a powered wheelchair

Yet, one of the major reasons why electric scooters have risen in popularity is their look. They do not resemble a wheel chair. They can be quite fashionable in design and style. This helps to remove any stigma from having a disability.

How to Shop for Mobility Scooters

If you can, consider attending a trade mobility show. They will showcase the latest models of electric mobility scooters. Currently, there are approximately 20 manufacturers producing their brand of scooter. This allows for plenty of choice.

The popularity of scooters also means you can find them used as well as new. Check online and you can easily discover what each scooter model can offer you and at what cost.