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Choosing the correct wheelchair

There are many different criteria that need to be considered when looking at finding the perfect wheelchair; the type of chair that you require can vary heavily depending on your personnel requirements and desired use. There are obviously medical requirements that need to be considered when choosing a chair, but beyond that there are a few main criteria which can help guide your choice.

  • Independent use – First you may wish to consider if you will be using the chair mainly by yourself or with an attendant. If by yourself you may prefer to use a self propelling wheelchair. Similarly, if you are often helped by an attendant that will also play its part in your decision and you may wish to invest in a wheelchair with a powerpack, in order to aid the attendant, especially up steep hills.
  • Frequency of use– Usability of the wheelchair may well be important to you, for example you may only want to use it whilst you’re out and about, in this case a lightweight folding wheelchair would be most suitable, as they are easy to store and travel with. However if you’re a frequent user of the chair you may want to choose a more heavy duty wheelchair or consider a wheelchair cushion in order to aid comfort and reduce sores.
  • Cost– Though maybe not paramount, as with any purchase cost is an important factor to consider.  There is a wide variety available in the wheelchair section on the Discount Mobility web site, from very affordablebudget wheelchairs to more expensive heavy chairs.
  • Sport– Some users may wish to purchase a wheelchair they can use whilst playing sports. In this instance you are best suited to choosing a light sports chair, specifically designed to your sporting needs, often with inward facing wheels for control.
  • Level of disability– You may not be in a position to manually push your own chair, but having your own freedom remains important. In this scenario, electric wheelchairs are an excellent solution. You may also have a disability that requires extra support from a chair in which case a positioning chair is more appropriate.

There is perhaps more choice amongst wheelchairs then any other disability aid, the sheer variety and choice is often a daunting prospect.

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