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Can a smart insulin patch mean no more diabetic injections?

“A ‘smart’ insulin patch could replace painful injections to help millions of people with diabetes keep their blood sugar levels in check,” the Daily Mirror reports; though the technology has only been tested on mice.
Insulin is a hormone that plays a vital role in regulating blood glucose levels. People with type 1 diabetes, as well as advanced type 2 diabetes, require regular insulin injections, as their body either doesn’t produce enough insulin or reacts to it in the wrong way.
Researchers have developed a new type of glucose-sensing patch, which is worn on the skin and delivers insulin in response to sensing high levels of glucose.
The study showed that the patch was capable of reducing blood glucose levels to normal in mice with chemically induced diabetes over about four hours.
This research is at an early stage, so we therefore don’t know if it will be both safe and effective in humans. Before any human testing can occur, researchers will need to study the longer-term effects on animals. Researchers will also need to work out whether they can deliver enough insulin to regulate blood glucose levels in humans, and how often the patches need to be changed.
All in all, we wouldn’t expect to see these patches at your local chemist in the near future.




Self Propelled Wheelchairs

There are many people who rely on mobility aids for their everyday activities. One of such main mobility product is wheelchairs. There are many types of wheel chairs like lightweight wheelchairs, transit wheelchairs, heavy duty wheelchairs and self propelled wheelchairs.
Self propelled wheelchairs are gaining importance these days as these wheelchairs have larger rear wheels to enable the occupant to propel themselves. The seats of these wheelchairs are made of vinyl which is very strong, thin and lightweight. Another benefit of Vinyl is that it is easy to clean and stains can be easily removed by wiping it with a warm wet cloth.

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