Information to consider before buying a New Wheelchair.

When you begin looking for the best new wheelchair to buy ensure you compare the: brand, model, weight, wheel size and costs. All these items affect the long-term value of the item.

All wheelchairs have both two or four wheels and a comfy seat that allows people with restricted or limited mobility to use them to replace walking or running.

When purchasing a new wheelchair ensure it is fully inspected on delivery, the condition of the wheelchair is critical. Inspect the structural, mechanical, and cosmetic appearance of the chair. The structural aspect of the chair is the most important. A wheelchair must be safe and reliable providing sturdy support for you or the user at all times.

Points to check are:

  • The frame is not bent dented or damaged.
  • Check for weakened joints.
  • Check for damaged paint or rust.
  • Check the tyres and ensure the wheels and axles run smooth without noise. (They can sometimes be damaged in transit)
  • If you have purchased a Power Walker Wheelchair check the motor and electronic unit for damage or knocks.
  • Check the wheelchair controls, wiring and safety features.

There are a number of wheelchair types to choose from: lightweight wheelchairs , transit wheelchairs, heavy duty wheelchairs, budget wheelchairs or you can go for a powered walker wheelchairs.

The items that must be considered when purchasing a new wheelchair vary, depending on the type of wheelchair. Electrical power walker wheelchairs have greater risk of impact related damage, but manual wheelchairs can easily shift out of alignment if not handled correctly.

2 thoughts on “Wheelchairs

  1. Tony Barrett

    Thanks for the advice. I just bought my Enigma XS Wheelchair from Discount Mobility after reading this information and felt assured that I was getting the correct wheelchair at the right price after speaking to Scott on 01245 905144

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for all the kind warnings when buying a mobility scooter.
      We are well aware of the surge in imported cheap brand imitation mobility scooters and try our best to warn customers not to be tempted in buying from suspect suppliers on Ebay or other auction sites.
      Let Discount Mobility know of any suppliers who are suspect and we will name and shame them on our blog.


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